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(Without spending hours at the gym, following restrictive fad diets, or experiencing out-of-control sugar cravings.)

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If you’re busy juggling work, kid’s activities, and a long list of other projects, you know how challenging it can be to exercise and eat healthy. But you also know how important maintaining an active lifestyle is to your energy, confidence, and well-being.

So we’ll spare you the chatter:)

After all, you probably already know that cardio, green veggies, and resistance training will fight cancer, bust stress and help you lose belly fat.
You’ve probably also heard that inactivity is one of the leading risk factors for death worldwide. (Source=World Health Organization).



Even if you’ve never exercised before, (or have been off on a long hiatus), a well-designed effective fitness and nutrition program can not only transform your body and mindset, it can change your life
  • Fit Back into Old Clothes and Flatten that Pooch
Sticking to a well-designed fitness and nutrition program helps you drop inches in all those trouble spots like the butt, thighs and tummy. You’ll no longer have to keep those old jeans, skirts and pants hanging at the back of your closet. Instead, you can pull them out and enjoy wearing them again.
  • Turn Back the Clock and Feel Younger Again
Maybe you’ve noticed that despite the fact you’re eating the same as you did five years ago – you’re still gaining weight? That’s because you’re burning fewer calories than you did five years ago – and all those extra calories stay behind and get converted to fat. The good news is that you can literally reverse this process by adding strength training. Also, as your body composition changes, you’ll look tighter and be smaller, since muscle takes up less room than fat. Imagine your physique actually IMPROVING with age?
  • Burn More Calories At Rest
Imagine watching a movie with your family, and for the entire two hours, your body’s in super calorie burning mode – even when you’re lying down? One of the best perks to a well-designed fitness program is the ability to boost your metabolism. As your muscle mass increases, the rate at which your body burns calories will increase too – even when you’re doing nothing. Extra calories burned, equals extra pounds lost.
  • Feel More Energized and Get More Done Throughout the Day
You’ll no longer feel winded when running up the stairs, or get tired from lugging groceries from the car into the house. As your fitness level improves, so will your energy. You’ll be able to get more done throughout the day, keep up with your kids, and even kick the soccer ball around with them
  • Boost Your Self-Esteem and Experience a Brighter, More Positive Outlook.
Exercise releases feel-good chemicals in the brain that make you feel good. You’ll no longer feel stressed-out or overwhelmed about the little stuff, and instead, experience improved self-confidence and positivity.

2019 Winner

Krista Scovill, Cambridge Classes

We are super proud of Krista. She was our overall winner last year, dropping a total of 21 inches. Krista won a prize pack valued at over $450 dollars including a Buff Mom training package, and Lulu Lemon gift card!

You may recognize Krista, as she is also our 2018 overall winner! Yes we're serious!! Since joining The Buff Mom Lifestyle program two years ago, this lady has been working super hard. In total, she is down over 41 inches. Krista, we are so proud of you!

It's true - we're giving away amazing prizes this year (including Buff Mom training packages, a $200 Lulu Lemon gift card, cool supplements and Buff Mom apparel), but these are just bonuses! Think of how great it will feel to fit back into those old jeans, confidently wear a bathing suit, and have tons of energy for spring!

For more on the 2020 prize gallery, keep reading! 

imageFAQWhat Most Successful Members Have Asked

Before Joining The Buff Mom 

What if I’ve never worked out before, or have been off on a long break, will I be able to keep up?

The Buff Mom Boot Camp is a multi-level lifestyle system friendly to all fitness levels and body shapes and instructed in a non-competitive and friendly environment. All of our videos and in-class workouts offer a variety of level options. When starting out, you’ll choose the low impact options and progress in intensity when you and your body are ready. If you have any issues at all, please speak with your Buff Mom Coach who can customize your program. Many of our members, have never exercised before staring The Buff Mom.

How is this program different than a fitness class at a gym, or a group training class at a boutique fitness facility?Our goal is to provide you with all the tools you need to successfully create your healthy, fit and energetic life. Much of your success will be based on your ability to let go of negative habits that are no longer serving you (for example late-night eating, sugar binges, or stress eating), and build positive new ones that do. The Buff Mom Jump Start is the only program of its kind that teaches you exactly how to shift your mindset and lock-in those new habits so you can not only reach your goals, but maintain your results. No more losing weight, and then gaining it all back. We also teach specific strategies for healthy eating, self-motivating, and sticking to your nutrition and fitness plan on a busy schedule. Not only will you learn exactly what to eat and when to eat it, to get an amazing result – you’ll learn how to enjoy the foods you love without getting off-track.Will I really have time to do this program? I am a super busy mom, with a full-time job?In short, the busier you are, the MORE you need to be healthy, strong, and energetic. The Buff Mom Jump Start teaches you how to workout smarter, not longer. In fact, our group personal training sessions burn the most amount of calories in the least amount of time by combing effective HIIT, cardio and resistance training into one effective workout. We also show you our simple time-saving strategies for healthy eating, eating-on-the-run, scheduling and planning workouts. When you follow our proven methods, you’ll actually have MORE time each week to enjoy doing the stuff you love to do.What if I don’t get results?

Our community is highly-curated and filled with positive, motivated and super-supportive members of all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels who have come together for one common goal – to live the amazing life they deserve. When you join, you will be part of this special group.
If you don’t feel totally confident and motivated by our program within the first 14 days, simply reach out to us at, show us you’ve attended classes and put in the work, and we’ll refund your investment.

If I’m only coming once or twice per week – how can I see results?

One of the biggest myths in the fitness industry is that you have to spend hours in a gym, 7 days a week, to see results. That’s simply not true. In fact, by doing two well-designed, fun and effective workouts per week, you’ll be sufficiently training each muscle group, while allowing your body to repair and get stronger. This prevents over-training, which can be detrimental to your results as the body has no time to repair resulting in injury. Also, when you incorporate a solid nutrition plan – you actually have to do LESS work to see results – since your meal plan does the rest. You also have the option to add in a workout or two at home using The Buff Mom TV mobile fitness that features cardio, resistance and stretching workouts. We also find that when you go all-out at first (working out 5 to 7 days per week), many become tired, overwhelmed, and quit. Again we like to keep it simple, effective and fun!I’ve signed up for fitness programs before. I did great for a while, and then I lost motivation and quit. How is this program different?

A pillar of The Buff Mom Jump Start is accountability. We want to keep you motivated, on-track and seeing results. We do this through our always-changing, high-energy workout program where no class is ever the same. Each week we progress in intensity and incorporate fun group challenges. Member accountability is also key. At each class, we take attendance and follow up if you’re absent. Your Certified Buff Mom Coach will also be in touch with you throughout the six-week program through emails, assessment coaching sessions, and in-class workouts. The Buff Mom VIP Facebook group has been designed to keep you connected to our positive, uplifting and supportive community. Be sure to check out Janelle’s, Brenda’s and Jen’s success stories. They’ve been with us a while and have stuck with it and experienced amazing results. This could be you too!

Where can I attend classes, and what if I miss a class?We have classes in Waterloo, Guelph, St. George, Cambridge, and Kitchener. Please register to a “home” location – you are welcome to jump between classes and locations. If you miss a class, The Buff Mom has a generous makeup policy. We just ask that all classes are completed before the end of the 6 Week Jump Start.

Can you remind me of everything I’m getting when I sign up today?

You’ll get our supercharged and effective multi-level group training sessions, the Reset and Energize Express Meal Plan, Educational Podcasts, Inspirational Messages to Your Inbox, Regular Scheduled Progress Checks and Assessments, Unlimited E-Mail Support, and access to our VIP Facebook community and every tool you need to successfully drop inches, boost your energy, and improve your confidence. The value is absolutely incredible!

7 Ways to Know You’re Ready to Create Your Healthy, Fit and Energetic Life Right Now

If you find yourself nodding along with any of the following, then you are in a perfect position to enroll The Buff Mom Jump Start and begin your transformation right away.

1. You’ve never exercised before, or have been on a long break, and want to make sure you’re doing everything right.


2. You’ve struggled with your weight for years, and have reached a “tipping point” and want to improve your health once and for all.


3. You don’t mind (even welcome) the extra hand-holding and meticulous step-by-step instructions and coaching – especially when it comes to the nutrition and mindset stuff.


4. You’re ready to jump in and get started. In fact, you’re totally excited for the weekly workouts, podcasts and meal plan, knowing that every action you take brings you one step closer to creating your healthy, fit and energetic life.


5. You’re already doing online workouts, going for walks, or trying healthy recipes to achieve a weight loss goal.


6. You are excited and feel motivated to make changes in your life so you have more strength, energy and confidence. You also look forward to the day those old skinny jeans zip up with ease and create no overhang.


7. You don’t mind having a bit of fun every now and then – and welcome the idea of engaging with a passionate, supportive, and positive community of like-minded women.


So if any of the above resonates, then I can’t wait to welcome you to The Buff Mom Spring Inch Loss Challenge 2020!

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