**Our Next 6 WK Session begins Feb 24th. Registration is now open! Select a training package below.**

There are NO classes on March Break (March 16th - 20th).

Join the Buff Mom Fitness Movement to feel great, get fit, and drop inches in as little as six weeks!

The Buff Mom Boot Camp is in the business of transforming lives, and we absolutely love what we do. Over the past decade, we've helped hundreds of women get fit, drop inches, and build confidence.

Check out some of our inspiring success stories from real women who have experienced real results through our award winning fitness, nutrition and lifestyle coaching program. More Info 

There are two Waterloo group personal training classes to choose from: Monday/Thursday at 7:30 PM at 700 Glen Forrest Blvd.  View Schedule - All Locations.

We're often asked, "Do I need to be a mom to join?" Absolutely not!

We're on a mission to get all women moving, feeling great, and living the happy and fulfilled life they deserve.

By the way, BUFF stands for: Beautiful, Unique, Fearless, Female. We know you can do this!