Familiar to the people of Southwestern Ontario as CTV's Health and Lifestyle Specialist, Leslie Gordon Christie reported for more than a decade before becoming a successful entrepreneur.

A culinary nutritionist, personal trainer, life coach and mom, this familiar face seen across North America on CNN and the CTV Network is now transforming bodies and minds, helping other women to unlock their unlimited potential. 

Leslie does more than just train bodies, she is also a life coach who has worked along side some of the best in the personal development industry, including Bob Proctor from The Secret and motivational speaker Paul Martinelli. 

What sets Leslie apart from other trainers is her ability to help her clients create a vision, break through negative beliefs, and replace them with positive thoughts and habits that will lead them to a healthy lifestyle. Leslie's unique connection to her clients stems from her own experience with body image. As an adolescent, she struggled with weight issues and low self esteem. It wasn't until she picked up a fitness magazine while standing in line at the grocery store, that her life changed. Leslie started to work out the very next day, and soon discovered the power of exercise and healthy eating on both self-confidence and self-esteem. 

Today as a motivator and role model, she can be seen at various events and workshops teaching men and woman of all ages the key to achieving overall good health. 

Leslie is a Can Fit Pro certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and Pre and Post Natal Specialist with over 16 years experience. Aside from her television work, she was also the associate editor of Oxygen magazine and a freelance health journalist for a variety of Canadian publications. 

Originally from Providence, Rhode Island, Leslie grew up in Thunder Bay, Ontario and has her communications degree from Carleton University. Leslie studied journalism and fitness leadership at Humber College in Toronto. 

Leslie is married to CP24 News Anchor Kyle Christie, they currently reside in Cambridge, Ontario with their two sons Carter and Allister.