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Mommy Makeover

This Cambridge Mom has dropped four sizes since joining The Buff Mom Boot Camp. "We took our first family vacation to Mexico, and I felt totally comfortable wearing a bikini in public! Just last summer I would never have thought it was possible for me to wear a bikini again." Amanda P.

Down 33 Inches!

This Cambridge mother of two has gone through an amazing transformation. Tania M. has dropped 33 inches since joining The Buff Mom Boot Camp. Her advice to those getting started: "Just start small. Don't beat yourself up every time you slip, just get back on track and take power from your little successes. Get moving and don't forget the water!" Tania M.

Over 35 Inches Gone!

"I'm wearing certain clothes and running five kilometres again, just like in my pre-baby days. Push ups and planks from the toes! Being OK wearing a bathing suit again & going to the pool with my kids. Not putting my kids in front of me when having my picture taken to hide my stomach. I’m also not dreading shopping for clothes. I actually kind of enjoy it now!" Allison P

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The Buff Mom Boot Camp


The Buff Mom Boot Camp


The Buff Mom Boot Camp