Will I Need Equipment? Access Online Store
For class your will need a mat, a resistance band and a set of hand weights (light and heavy set for intermediate to advanced exercisers). We do this for two reasons: 1) for sanitary purposes so everyone uses their own equipment, and 2) to learn how to safely and effectively use your equipment so that you can do workouts at home:) Rolly bag suitcases have become very popular within The Buff Mom Community for carrying equipment.

High quality bands and mats are available in our online store, plus protein, tanks and other products. Simply order and have these delivered to your first class. Cambridge/Kitchener classes please select the location of your class for free delivery. 

I've never worked out, will this be too difficult? The Buff Mom Boot Camp is a multi level fitness program friendly to all fitness levels and instructed in a non-competitive and friendly environment. All of our videos and in-class workouts offer a variety of level options. When starting out, please choose the low impact options. If you have any issues at all, please speak with your Buff Mom Coach who can customize your program. We are a group personal training program, rather than a fitness class, and this is one of the great perks of our program.

The Buff Mom TV - Why Join?
Research shows that 3 to 4 resistance workouts per week give you the best results. Upgrading to The Buff Mom TV is a great way to get those extra workouts in. Our mobile fitness platform provides over 24 hours of on-demand fitness videos (ad-free), plus extra meal plans and podcasts. We've had a great response from our members who love the ability to do class workouts using their IPODS, IPADS, laptops and other mobile devices. All videos are professionally filmed in HD, and feature various locations in the community. No workout is ever the same.  MORE INFO

How is this program different than a fitness class?
The Buff Mom Boot Camp is a group personal training, nutrition, and life coaching program that focuses on mind, body and spirit. That means that each week this workout will progress in intensity to keep you motivated, challenged, and accountable. All workouts end with a quiet meditation and goal setting session. Whether you are brand new to the program, or have been with us for a few years, we encourage you to take part in regular assessments. Assessments allow us to track your progress, check in with you, and make any necessary changes to your regime. New members will receive their assessment time in an email.

Why can't I transfer classes? At The Buff Mom our job is to be kind, but firm. Setting a goal and committing to following through is part of the process. We need to hold you accountable! A specific start and finish to your program keeps you motivated and on schedule. Also, classes sell-out quickly, and to be fair to everyone, classes can only be used for the 6-wk training cycle they were purchased for. 

What if I want to join for more than six weeks?  We now have Six Pack (six month) and Lifestyle Memberships (one year) available for those who would like a longer commitment than six weeks. Included in these packages are your quarterly fitness assessments, lifestyle coaching, guest passes and a subscription to The Buff Mom TV.

Where do I go for my first class? Schedule