We call this Giddyap Green because it's everything you need for an amazing nutritional start to the day! You can use a juicer or nut milk bag.

Serves 2

The Essentials:

1-cup of pineapple

1-cup of kale

1-cup of cucumber

1-cup of celery

1-Tbsp. of ginger

The How To's:

  1. Wash vegetables. If organic, keep the peel on the cucumber. Chop into medium sized pieces.
  2. Peel and core a fresh pineapple. Then chop into medium sized pieces.
  3. Peel ginger and cut a 1-inch piece.
  4. One-by-one, add all ingredients to your juicer, or blender jar (If using a nut milk bag), and then strain remaining pulp.
  5. Pour Giddyap Green into a tall glass and enjoy drinking down all this amazing goodness.