No Gym? No Problem!

We transforms bodies and minds though our motivating, effective, and LIVE virtual programs so you can drop inches, boost confidence and feel amazing, all without leaving your house. 

No restrictive fad diets, out-of-control sugar cravings, or super long exhausting workouts! 

BUFF stands for Beautiful, Unique, Fearless Female.

What sets us apart is that our program is about more than just exercise. Sure, burpees, pushups and crunches burn calories and build muscles, but knowing which foods to eat and when, how to build strength from within, and how to eliminate limiting beliefs and thinking, is key to achieving a balanced, happy and successful life. 

In addition to getting you moving, our BUFF programs take the guess-workout out of nutrition, mindset, and accountability by giving you all the tools you'll need to succeed. We also have one of the most amazing, supportive and positive online communities around!

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Our Mission

We're often asked, "Do I need to be a mom to join?"

Absolutely not! 

We're on a mission is to get all women moving, feeling great, and living the happy and fulfilled life they deserve.

The Buff Mom is celebrating 10 years of transforming bodies and minds. It's been an incredible experience. 

Thank you for making us a part of your journey.


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