Measurements are always optional, but a great way to stay accountable.

Unlike the scale that doesn't tell us the entire story (for example it leaves out changes in body composition), taking measurements in the same spots each time with the same measuring tape, can be an effective way to assess your progress.

⭐️ Please follow these guidelines when charting your numbers at home.

  • Always use the same measuring tape.
  • Always have the same person measure you.
  • Wear the same clothes for all assessments.
  • When pulling the tape, use the same resistance each time. For example a tight pull, medium pull or loose pull. Record that along with your numbers so you'll know what to do for next time.
  • Take starting numbers and end readings. You can also do a mid-point check if you like.

How to Take Measurements for The Buff Mom Program

ARM: Place hand flat above the elbow, with finger tips facing outwards. Measure just above the thumb.

CHEST: Measure at the nipple line.

STOMACH: Place one finger at the belly button and measure just above the finger.

WAIST: Measure at the narrowest part.

HIPS: Place finger at the belly button, then place the palm of the other hand (fingers towards feet) just under the finger touching the belly button. Wherever the longest finger ends is the point you measure at.

RIGHT THIGH: Place hand, palm down, against thigh, with fingers touching the top of the knee cap. Where the wrist starts is where you measure.

RIGHT CALF: Place hand, palm down, at the back of the leg with the palm tucked into the crux of the knee. Where the longest finger ends is where you measure from.

Please note, we only take assessments for the right side of the body, if you'd like to chart the left side too, please add the numbers to your journal.


▶️ While assessments can be a great accountability tool - they also don't measure the entire picture of wellness.

Here are some ways to know your fitness level is improving.

☑️ Your clothes are starting to fit better.

☑️ You feel more energetic.

☑️ You're recovering faster after workouts.

☑️ You're taking less breaks.

☑️ You feel stronger.

💡Mindset Check: It's more a mental game than a physical one. Instead of focusing on where you are currently, think of your goal and how amazing it makes you feel. That energy will inspire you to keep going!