We are committed to keep you energized, positive and working out - even from HOME! We'll be opening our 6:30 classes to the general public for this week only! Please see below for all the details. See you LIVE!

Committed to your health and well-being,

Leslie and The Buff Mom Team

How It All Works

How do I join?

Preferred Devices: A laptop, computer, or tablet.

A few moments before your scheduled class begins, please click on the time slot below from this page. Zoom, the software that we'll be using, will automatically open up on your device. For security purposes, you'll be asked to register with you name and email address. Then enter the meeting ID#. (If your computer hasn't been updated in a while, it may need to do some mandatory updates. Be patient - this is a good thing!) Please note, you do NOT need to register for a Zoom account to join us live.

If you're super techy, you can also plug your laptop into your TV with an HDMI cable for a larger image! 

If using an I-Pad, download the  “Zoom Cloud Meeting” from the App Store (It's FREE), then click “join meeting”, then enter “meeting ID #” from the schedule below.

Can I use my phone?

Yes - but for best reception please make sure that you are connected to WIFI rather than cellular data. Also, for best quality disable your HD camera and audio, and ask anyone streaming movies or large files of video to please stop for the duration of the class. You'll also need to download the "Zoom Cloud Meeting" from the App Store (It's FREE). You may prefer a computer or laptop for a larger image. 

I'm having trouble with the live stream, it keeps cutting out. Help!

Live Streaming is a brilliant thing! However sometimes technical issues occur. For the cleanest feed please make sure that you are close to your WIFI box, you are using WIFI rather than cellular, no one else is streaming video or large files while you are streaming your workout, disable your HD camera and audio. Here are more tips for a clean stream. Click Here  Please note, if you are having any issues streaming at all, please let us know. One of our team members can help you out. Contact leslie@thebuffmom.com 

Classes for the week of Apr. 13, 2020





*Passwords can be found in INBOX 15 min. prior.

Friday - No Classes