We are done Spring Inch Loss Challenge - which means we have three amazing prizes up for grabs! 🏆🏆🏆
In case you’ve forgotten about these awesome packages - let us refresh your memory!
☑️ Goal Crusher Pack (Val. $450 dollars - includes $200 Lulu card and other cool stuff). Given to the person who sheds the most amount of inches based on the percentage of inches lost.
☑️ Super Motivated Pack Each time you attend a Buff Mom class (live streams included) your name is entered into a draw to win a $220 prize including Buff Mom training and gear.
☑️ Inch Dropper Pack Awarded to the member who has dropped the most amount of total inches over the 7-week contest. The value is $280 and features online training, Buff Mom merchandise and equipment. 
▶️Given our current situation, our Super Motivated Prize Pack will be the easiest to award😀 We’ll be drawing this at the end of the week - so you still have time to get in those classes! (BTW, each time you’ve attend LIVE, we enter a ballot for you - so you don’t have to do anything, other than attend classes!)
💪As for our Goal Crusher and Inch Dropper Prize Packs, we have come up with a creative and cool way to hand out the awards! ⭐️This makes the playing field level for everyone, and honours hard work and commitment.
(Please note, we had considered having everyone submit their own end measurement numbers. But from experience we know that measurement consistency is key to an accurate reading. That said if you would like an approximate assessment result for this session, please forward us your numbers and we’ll let you know.)
How to Win Prizes (Goal Crusher and Inch Dropper)
❤️Document Your Amazing Journey!
We are asking you to document your wellness journey over the last 7 weeks, focusing on three specific areas - the pillars of The Buff Mom program.
Please note, this doesn’t have to be a long essay, it can be short and sweet - but authentic.
✔️EXERCISE - Tell us your wins and document your challenges!
We want to hear about your workouts (classes, walks, stretching sessions at home), intensity, frequency, rest days, and how your physical strength has changed over the past 7 weeks.
Here are some writing prompts: Was it hard? Was it easy? What kept you going? What did you hate, what did you love? Where do you see improvements? Are your clothes too loose? What can you fit into now? You can even send us pictures! Also, what’s the next goal you want to achieve? 
✔️NUTRITION - Tell us your wins and document your challenges!
So much of our success happens outside of class - in the kitchen. How did you change your food over the past 7 weeks?
Here are some writing prompts: What new recipes did you make? What worked and what didn’t? What have you learned about the effect of food on your body, including digestion, cravings, and moods. You can even send pictures of any meals you made!
✔️MINDSET - Tell us your wins and document your challenges!
This is the third pillar of The Buff Mom Program and it’s more important now than ever before. We want to hear about your self-care routine, your self-talk, and what you’re doing now to stay positive (for example meditation, practising gratitude, or slowing down).
Here are some writing prompts: How do these new routines help? What has been hard? What keeps you going? How are you looking at the situation? What is your advice for other women during this unprecedented time in history?
➡️ And finally .. What's the biggest thing that you’ve learned about yourself?
🏆Due Date: Wed. Apr. 15th at 9 PM.
Please send to leslie@thebuffmom.com, subject line MY AMAZING JOURNEY.  
We’ll be announcing all winners on Friday Apr. 17th.