Are you confused about what to cook and eat to stay healthy, have more energy, and maintain your ideal weight?

Have you recently gone gluten or dairy-free, but have no idea how, or what to make that tastes good, the family will eat, and is really satisfying?

Introducing The Buff Mom Cooking Academy, where it's our mission to create a healthy and happy life through food!

Space is limited to 20 guests. 

Delish By Design 101 (Nov.) - ** SOLD OUT** Join Waitlist for our January class.

A step-by-step master-class to boost energy, improve digestion, and drop inches through wholesome delicious recipes you’ll learn to make yourself.

In this demonstration-style workshop, you’ll go from feeling overwhelmed and confused about healthy meals, ingredients and cooking techniques to feeling confident, knowledgeable and inspired to make delicious and satisfying dishes the entire family will enjoy. 

 You’ll learn:

  • Delicious dairy-free swap-outs to reduce bloating, boost energy and improve your health.  
  • Master ‘healthy’ cooking basics that will capture flavour without extra salt, sugar or harmful fats. 
  • 4 Lifestyle changes with major impact.
  • How to make gluten-free taste good.
  • Comfort food that’s actually healthy.
  • What to eat for great digestion.
  • Time-saving meal prep tips plus simple recipes that can be enjoyed by the entire family (along with Paleo, Keto and Gluten-Free alternatives).
  • Enjoy a relaxing, fun, and educational evening that includes delicious, healthy food samples!


The Buff Mom Cooking Academy’s Essential Tools Checklist for a Wholesome Kitchen (Value 11.99)


Bonus #2

The Buff Mom Cooking Academy’s  Nutritious Swaps Cheat Sheet (Value 11.99)


The Buff Mom Cooking Academy’s Delish By Design Masterclass Recipe Book (Value 19.99)


Bonus #4

The Buff Mom Cooking Academy’s Ultimate Smoothie Blueprint Formula (Value 14.99)

What People Are Saying.

I’ve always known that you feel better when you eat clean... but I felt it was so much work. Leslie taught me how quick and easy clean eating can be and the recipes were absolutely delicious!

by Randi R.

I didn’t realize how easy healthy and nutritious cooking could be! A fun and educational evening. Looking forward to making the recipes at home.

by Colin T.

Leslie’s high, positive energy kept everything fun and interesting and she explains everything as she goes. She provided the recipes she demonstrated so I didn’t have to write everything down. Leslie also gave recipe ingredient substitute ideas in case there’s something you don’t like. This course was a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to more of her courses. I highly recommend it! 

Christine T.