Laura Williams, St. George

Laura Williams started The Buff Mom program in 2011 after having 3 beautiful boys. Williams says she is now more fit and smaller then she was prior to having kids. Williams lost 25 inches!

Growing up on a farm with 6 siblings, sports were not a priority.

"I was never very good at sports. I tried some after meeting my husband when I was 15. Some squash, golf and a little yoga but it's this program that really let me experience and grow a part of me I was not aware I had."

Laura is now a certified fitness instructor sharing The Buff Mom program with other women and motivating them to achieve what may seem impossible.

With a family history of diabetes and cancer, Laura feels it's important to live a healthy lifestyle with exercise and diet.

Laura Williams is a dental hygienist and lives in St. George with her husband Matt and their three boys Ryan, Nathan & Morgan.

Michelle McGrath, Thunder Bay

Michelle McGrath heads up The Buff Mom in Thunder Bay.

An Engineer with the Ministry of Transportation and an avid outdoor enthusiast, Michelle has also been involved in athletics from a very young age.

Even though she was continuously active and successful, Michelle always struggled with a negative body image. “I was always active, but I didn’t feel good about how I looked in any clothes. After I had children, my relationship with my husband began to suffer because I was not truly happy with myself.”

Michelle began to pay attention to the food she was consuming and maximized her exercise regime. She introduced herself to High Intensity Interval Training (HITT) and the weight dropped off and the definition began to show.

“I remember Leslie trying to teach me about interval training back in the 90’s. Leslie knew then what worked. I wish I had taken her advice back then, because she was right. Now that I have learned to focus my time and energy properly, my confidence has increased and our relationship is stronger than ever.”

Michelle has run marathons, completed triathlons and played numerous sports but still says The Buff Mom workouts are what really allowed her to see a difference. Michelle has been a member of The Buff Mom's online bootcamp since the beginning. Michelle lives in Thunder Bay with her husband Matt and their 3 children.

Courtney Butler, Cambridge

Courtney started the program in June 2011. Although always active, she was going through a separation and was looking for something new to take her mind off of some of life's challenges. The program was recommended by a friend, and she has never looked back.

In December 2012 Courtney became a Canfit Certified Fitness Instructor. She spent a year shadowing Leslie Gordon Christie in preparation for taking on her own classes. Courtney feels that The Buff Mom is so much more than an exercise program.

In April 2013, Courtney announced she was expecting her third child. Determined to continue the program, Courtney was able to modify exercises to allow her to continue her workouts, and she did so up until 3 weeks before her son was born. 6 weeks post natal she is back at it, working hard to tone and lose some of those baby inches!!

Over the last 2.5 years of being involved in the program she has seen some of the most incredible accomplishments of women in the Kitchener/Waterloo program. These women have had a huge impact on her passion for the program. Courtney is now looking forward to inspiring, motivating and educating the women of Guelph.

Courtney is a Sterilization Technician and lives in Cambridge with her partner Mike, her two older children Jaxson and Ava, and their newest addition Weston.


Carri Poole, Thunder Bay

Carri Poole joined the Buff Mom program in 2014 after a friend invited her to join, raving about the program. She’s now lost 25 inches! Read Carri's Success Story.

Carri always struggled with her body image and knew she was holding herself back because of it.

"The Buff Mom has taught me that prioritizing my health and well-being is the best thing I can do for myself and my family. I have a very positive body image now and feel so much more confident in my life! The Buff Mom helped me see how strong and amazing I can be. It’s why I wanted to instruct classes. I’ve learned so much and feel so great - I want every woman to feel like this!"

A mom of 6, a full time career, hobby farm and a wonderful husband, Carri believes that a healthy and active lifestyle has changed every aspect of her life.

"I'm happier and have so much more energy, I just can't believe how much The Buff Mom has changed who I am. Along with my family's amazing support; the women I have met and the unique environment of The Buff Mom have allowed me to not just build my life goals but achieve them. Each day I set my sights on being the best me possible. This is so much more than a 'fitness class', join me and become the best you ever!"


the buff mom waterloo

Natalie Fisk, Waterloo

After her second child was born in 2014, Natalie was looking for a new fitness regime.  A friend suggested The Buff Mom. Natalie joined in August 2015 and fell in love with the program right after her first class, led by Leslie.  Over the years she has belonged to various gyms and fitness programs but there's something special about the Buff Mom community, the support and the fabulous workouts that puts it above the rest.

Natalie has always led an active lifestyle. Growing up she participated in many recreational and competitive sports, her favourite being soccer, which allowed her to travel within Ontario and the US to tournaments.  As an adult she has enjoyed being a part of local soccer and beach volleyball teams.

Natalie graduated from the University of Guelph with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Nutrition.  She loves cooking and experimenting with new recipes, especially plant based foods as she has been a vegetarian since the age of 16.  

Natalie, her husband, Doug and their two children, Jackson and Autumn live in Waterloo and like to spend much of their time outdoors. They stay active by camping, canoeing, hiking, skiing and biking together. This past winter they tried a new experience - winter camping in a yurt and enjoyed snowshoeing and skating.  

Travelling and exploring are a priority for Natalie and her family. She has been to over 20 countries so far!  Her favourite adventures have been to the beautiful country of New Zealand, trying to surf in Costa Rica and biking in the Austrian Alps.  

Early in 2018, Natalie completed her Personal Trainer Specialist certification with Canfitpro and has enjoyed assisting in Buff Mom classes in Kitchener and Waterloo for the past year.  

Natalie has loved being a stay at home mom for the past seven years and is very excited to be joining the Buff Mom team.  She is looking forward to working with women to help them reach their goals and feel their absolute best. “I love that our classes are customizable for any fitness level”, Natalie says, “there are options for everyone, with the goal of being to keep moving”.