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Welcome to The Buff Mom Members Area, a complete workout solution for busy women. The Buff Mom Program consists of four components: workouts, nutrition, small steps and mindset. This website can be used in two ways:

1. A Compliment to your Buff Mom Classes: The Buff Mom Home Training program is a great way to perform your three to four workouts a week. For example if you attend two classes per week, you can do a third workout at home by following a workout video. You will also find meal plan resources, helpful podcasts (located under Buff Mom Coach to the right of your screen) and specialty videos like Tabata Training.

2. A Complete Training Program (without classes): Be a part of The Buff Mom Program from home. You will do three to four videos a week, plus cardio, depending on your fitness level. You will also find meal plan resources, helpful podcasts and specialty videos like Tabata Training.

How to Get Started:

1. Listen to The Get Started podcast, and check out your registration package.

This podcast is contained in your registration package. To Access

2. Print The Buff Mom Workout Planner and plan your week. 

To Access Workout Planner

Training Guidelines:

  • Beginner Exercisers: Perform two to three Buff Mom Workouts a week. These can include classes and videos. To maximize your results you can also add two to three sessions of cardio – 20 to 25 minutes.
  • Intermediate to Advanced Exercise Program: Perform four Buff Mom Workouts a week. These can include classes and videos. Add two to three sessions of cardio – 20 to 25 minutes. Include interval training, such as Tabata in your program.

3. Meal Planning: 

Remember the saying, “Great abs are made in the Kitchen.” Healthy eating is essential to results (about 80%). Please browse through the nutrition resources (located to the right of the Members Area) to find a plan that works best for you, including our 7-day Reset and Energize Meal Plan, complete with shopping lists, recipes, and prep tips. Track your progress with The Buff Mom Food Journal. To Access

4. Start Your Training:

What video do I do? The current workout video will be displayed in the main feature box. If you are attending Buff Mom classes, program content is based on this video. Once you are familiar with the moves, please feel free to incorporate other Buff Mom videos into your training program. Printable versions with photos are available under each video. Please be sure to warm up and cool down after workouts.

Sample Program: Beginner Exerciser

MONDAY: BUFF MOM VIDEO New York, New York To Access

TUESDAY: 20 to 30 minute jog or walk. On treadmill or outdoors.


THURSDAY: Long Cardio: 30 to 40 minute jog or walk at a moderate pace. On treadmill or outdoors.


5. Small Steps and Mindset: 

At the start of each week, choose a small step to focus on.  It might be something as simple as carrying your water bottle with you to work, or including protein with your breakfast.  Here are some great ideas for small steps:

Eat Breakfast: It will boost your metabolism.

Try to have lean protein with each meal. Good choices include: chicken, fish, turkey, whey protein, Greek yogurt, and eggs. 

Watch the sugar. Read labels and choose low-sugar foods. Choose fresh fruit or water over juice.

Water. Drink up .. 8 to 10 glasses a day. Most people think they're hungry when they're really thirsty.

Ditch the processed food and choose healthy whole grains loaded with fibre.

Get Moving. Perform your Buff Mom Workouts three to four times a week. Be sure to include relaxation and stretching in your regime.

Healthy Mindset: Instead of focusing on where you are now, see yourself as having already achieved the goal.