More than just a fitness class or a gym membership, The Buff Mom is group personal training, nutrition support, accountability, and life coaching all rolled into one fun and effective program! We give you everything you need to shed inches, increase your energy and get into amazing shape in a non-competitive and supportive environment. Our program is suitable for all fitness levels. And you don't have to be a mom to join! Read Success Stories 

* Please note, no regular classes on May 22. Makeup class scheduled for June. 5.

  • One Class Per Week: Select the class and time that works best for you, and then "add to cart."
  • Two or Three Classes Per Week (for best results): Select classes and "add to cart".  Enter GET2 at checkout for two classes or more per week.

Train two or more times a week with us? Check out our Lifestyle Membership (one year commitment) and Six Pack Membership (six months). Compare Training Packages.

What If I am Unable To Attend a Class? The Buff Mom has a unique and generous makeup policy that allows you to attend another class that works with your schedule. See more details

Instructor: Leslie Gordon Christie (Fri 10 AM - Courtney Butler)

Mon/Wed/Fri AM: Avenue Road Baptist Church (465 Avenue Rd, Cambridge, ON N1T 1G2)

Tues PM: Preston Public School, 210 Westminster Drive, Cambridge

Thurs/Fri PM: Avenue Road Baptist Church (465 Avenue Rd, Cambridge, ON N1T 1G2)

What's Included in My Registration? 

  • 6 – 1 Hour Supercharged, High Energy and Effective group personal training and lifestyle coaching sessions. (Value=$123)
  • Reset and Energize Express Meal Plan and Recipes to boost your metabolism, reduce sugar cravings and help you shed inches while still feeling satisfied and energized. (Value=$60)
  • Get Started Now podcast to help clarify your goals and get your mind in gear so you can start creating those healthy habits right away. (Value=$30)
  • Two additional podcasts to be emailed out on weeks 2 and 3 of the program to teach you easy meal planning strategies and quick fitness and nutrition hacks. (Value $60)
  • Inspirational Messages to Your Inbox for Buff Mom Members Only: We are here to answer your questions, keep you motivated and help you achieve success. Reaching your goal is about more than just exercise, it's about mindset. We'll help you get there. (Value=$30)
  • The Buff Mom Workout Planner and Food Journal: An easy system to plan your workouts and meals. (Value $10)




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