This 6 WK program kicks off the week of Jan. 7, 2019. Full Schedule - All Locations

*New Early Morning Classes in Cambridge! 6:15am Tues/Thurs*

Brand new to exercise? Getting back to routine after a bit of a break? Looking for a new challenge? The Buff Mom Jump Start is for you! Our fun, effective and results-driven program is suitable for all levels of fitness and includes nutritional support and lifestyle coaching.

1 X per Week?

It would be great to get out to class two or three times per week, but with kid's schedules, extra curricular activities, and work responsibilities, we know it can be challenging. That's why we created The Buff Mom Jump Start - 1 x per week. Get the benefits of the full Buff Mom Program (meal plan, assessments, accountability and group support), but only attend one time per week.

The Workout

Burn more than 500 calories or more per class, and keep burning calories afterwards with the after-burn effect. (Even while you're watching TV on the couch!)  Our award winning fitness formula tones and defines your muscles, boosts your metabolism, and helps make every day activities easier. We mix resistance training with cardio and incorporate short, intense cardio bursts with quick recovery periods to ramp up your calorie burn and raise your fitness level. This class ends with a Yoga-inspired cool down, quiet meditation and goal setting session. Also learn effective strategies for eliminating negative and limited thinking and how to stay positive with your goals.


For those new to the program, every other week you'll meet with your certified Buff Mom Coach to track your progress, see how your body is responding, and get accountable with your goals. You'll also receive unlimited e-mail support, educational podcasts, and inspirational messages to your Inbox.

Program Highlights:

  • 12 – One Hour Supercharged, High Energy and Effective group personal training and lifestyle coaching sessions. (Value $239.85 for 12 sessions.)
  • Reset and Energize Express Meal Plan and Recipes to boost your metabolism, reduce sugar cravings and help you shed inches while still feeling satisfied and energized. (Value=$60)
  • Get Started Now podcast to help clarify your goals and get your mind in gear so you can start creating those healthy habits right away. (Value=$30)
  • Two additional podcasts to be released over the course of the program to teach you easy meal planning strategies and quick fitness and nutrition hacks. (Value $60)
  • Inspirational Messages to Your Inbox for Buff Mom Members Only: We are here to answer your questions, keep you motivated and help you achieve success. Reaching your goal is about more than just exercise, it's about mindset. We'll help you get there. (Value=$30)
  • The Buff Mom Workout Planner and Food Journal: An easy system to plan your workouts and meals. (Value $10)

Upgrade to VIP Subscriber! Add in more classes - at HOME!  For the best results, we recommend supplementing your 1 x per week program, with an online class or two each week through The Buff Mom TV Mobile Fitness.  Our online program features effective classes like HIITQuickFits (5 and 10 min. workouts) and Yoga designed to give you results fast. Professionally filmed and edited, this is a perfect companion to your Jump Start 1 X per week program. Also enjoy VIP pricing (an additional 12% off) on classes, supplements, and products. Click Here




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