It's just 6 weeks, you can do it! Classes start Jan. 8th. 

Mon/Wed 6:30 PM, Core - 401 New Dundee Road, Kitchener (Instructor: Leslie)

Mon 7:30 PM, Brigadoon Public School - 415 Caryndale Dr, Kitchener (Instructor: Courtney)

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To register, purchase a Jump Start 6-WK Pass and select either one time per week (for a total of 6 group training classes), twice per week (for a total of 12 group training classes), or three times per week (for a total of 18 group training classes).

With our new Jump Start you can mix and match days, times and Buff Mom locations (ie. Kitchener and Cambridge). You can even double or triple up classes in one week. We just ask that all classes are completed by the end of the training cycle (Feb. 16) and cannot be carried over. New Members will have assessments after their first class.

Train two or more times a week with us?  Be sure to check out our Six Pack and Lifestyle Memberships. Compare Training Packages.

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