**Our Next 6 WK Session is from Nov. 12th to Dec. 17th. Registration is now open! 

Tues 10 AM, Core, 401 New Dundee Road, Kitchener

Get fit. Feel great. Take your baby along for the ride! The Buff Mom Stroller Shred Boot Camp is designed to help new moms get fit through safe, fun and effective, group training. All classes are held indoors.

More than just a fitness class or a gym membership, The Buff Mom is group personal training, nutrition support, accountability, and life coaching all rolled into one fun and effective program.

MORE DETAILS on our newest program Stroller Shred INDOOR. Tues 10 AM, Core, 401 New Dundee Road, Kitchener

* Please note Stroller Shred classes are not included in Six Pack and Lifestyle memberships.

Instructor:  Natalie Fisk - Tues 10 AM, Core in the a/c gym, 401 New Dundee Road, Kitchener

Stroller Shred Tips:

1.    Regular stroller is suitable for workout. 

2.    Wear comfortable, breathable clothes.

3.    Remember water, snacks for baby, and a towel.

4.    Let's have fun together in our non-competitive, friendly and supportive atmosphere.

5.    A medium strength resistance band and towel is needed for the workout. Purchase bands here.

* A minimum number of 10 participants is mandatory to run the program.