How to Eat Clean

What do I eat? When do I eat it? What do I avoid? The Buff Mom's Nutritional Consultant Haman Dowlatram breaks it all down.

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1) Eat every two to three hours to stabilize blood sugars and ward off snacking, even when you are not hungry.

2) Include protein with every meal. (.8 to 1.8 grams per kilo of body weight)

  • Here's the formula: (weight in pounds)/ 2.2)=(pounds in kilos multiplied by .8 to 1.8) Then divide by the number of meals in a day.
  • For example, a 150 pound female.
  • 68.18 kilos
  • 68.18 x 1.8 = 122.72
  • 122.72 / 5 = about 24 grams of protein per meal.

Haman recommended about 30 grams of carbs per meal for the average female.
If your results have slowed down, you may want to limit starch (potatoes, rice, etc) to two to three servings a day. Best choices of starch include: whole grain rice, yams (with butter, to slow the rate at which sugar enters the blood stream, yum! and millet, and oatmeal) If you are looking to get lean, avoid bread because it's hard to digest.

3) Toss the scale. It's not a true reflection of what's happening.

4) Focus on resistance training to increase lean muscle mass.

5) Watch over training: Make sure to change your workouts every few weeks.

6) ALWAYS follow with protein after your workout to help the muscles rebuild. An iso whey is your best choice, avoid soy.

7) Enjoy fruit as a dessert a few times a day, berries are best as they are low glycemic.