Do I Need a Multivitamin?

There are so many vitamins and supplements on the market, making an informed choice can be difficult.
Haman Downlatram is a former body builder who has specialized in sports nutrition and supplementation for over 20 years.
He answers your questions in the interview below.

L: You mentioned you’re not a fan of the multi-vitamin. Why do you think this is not a good choice?
H: Because they are putting too many things in one little tablets. Research show your body cannot absorb all of these micronutrients at once. Instead it's more benefit to take a few important vitamins in the correct amounts to get the most benefit.

L: So what’s essential for women?
H: For 90 percent of females I would recommend a 400 IU of natural vitamin E, not synthetic.
Vitamin E will kill off free radicals in your body, and it will also keep your skin tight and will help your heart. Also, you need a good quality Balance B to fight stress, provide energy, and help with circulation.

L: What about calcium? How much do I need as I age, and where can I get it if I don’t like dairy?
H: Most dairy products will not provide you with the recommended amounts anyway.
The best source of calcium is coral calcium (ecologically harvested at the ocean lining). A good quality calcium will also contain magnesium and vitamin D. Most adults will need 1 to 2 capsules a day.

L: Prenatal Vitamin. Once you’ve had the baby and finished breast feeding, is there something special you should be taking or just continue with the prenatals?
H: I would recommend taking vitamin E, Balance B and Corral Calcium.

L: What about vitamins and children? What’s the best, what about Flintstones?

H: Most of the vitamins geared to children contain high amounts of sugar. Pay close attention to ingredients and avoid anything with lots of additives. I prefer to use a multi-mineral for my son. (Check at your local health food store)

L: What essential oils do we need? What about cod liver oil, I give that to my kids, can I have it too?

H: Absolutely, cod liver oil is a fish oil and very beneficial. It's an amazing brain food!!
It also helps to get rid of inflammation.

L: Why do some people feel sick when they have vitamin?
H: A few different reasons. One is because they have taken it on an empty stomach. If that’s the case you may have to find a different way of taking it like breaking it up or taking it with food.
Another reason it may cause discomfort is due to poor quality or coating on the vitamins.

L: What’s the difference between protein powders? How do I know a good kind?
H: Look for what’s called a pure isolate. A good quality one mixes easily with nothing floating or clumping. Also, when you drink it there should be no bloating or gas.