Amazing Mommy Makeover

For her March break vacation, Amanda Potter did something she never thought possible, she wore a two-piece bathing suit to the beach.

"We took our first family vacation to Mexico, and I felt totally comfortable wearing a bikini in public!  I would never have thought it was possible for me to wear a bikini again."

Although Amanda had always had a small and athletic frame, she found it difficult to lose weight after the birth of her second child. Like so many other moms, she also found it difficult to take time for herself. Amanda would constantly pledge to start exercising "tomorrow" or "next week", but would never stick to it.

Then came a new year, and Amanda's firm decision to focus on her health. After hearing a radio ad for The Buff Mom, Amanda signed up right away. After her very first class, she felt rejuvenated.

"I was amazed at how energetic and alive I felt.  It was as if a huge weight of stress had been lifted off my shoulders," said Amanda.

Within just three weeks she started to notice changes in her body. The inches continued to fall off. Amanda is now down 18.5 inches, and four sizes.

Her advice for others just getting started?"Change is possible, no matter what the circumstance," she said. "It may not happen overnight, or on it's own, but rather a result from a small step taken from within. 

Setting small goals for yourself that are very achievable (e.g., planning time to prepare vegetables for the week) will help you feel successful and will motivate you to build upon your goals, and set more challenging ones along the way."

Awesome advice Amanda! Congratulations we are so proud of you.

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