Combo Tabatas

Combo Tabatas:

  1. Partner Band Rows – go SLOW (2 counts in, 4 counts out) /Mountain Climber
  2. Band Squats with Weights/Squat Jumps (low impact – calve raise)
  3. Sprints (low impact speed walk) /Mountain Climbers (low impact – standing alternating knees)
  4. Inchworm Pushups (option: wall pushups) /Ab Jacks (option: heel digs)
  5. Walking Lunges/Lunge Jumps (option: single leg lunge dips)
  6. Wall Sits with Shoulder Press/Suicide Drill
  7. Squat Kicks – R (squat to the side with right foot, bring left in, then side kick right – knee forward, heel higher than toe) / Alternating Lunge Blasters (repeat and switch to left squat kick)
  8. Chops / Side Plank – R (repeat and switch to left side plank)