How to Keep Your New Year's Resolution


Leslie speaks to Stephen LeDrew on CP24 about how to succeed with your new year's resolution. We love to set New Year's Resolutions (about 40 percent of people do), but the majority of us, unfortunately, don’t achieve them. One study (University of Bristol) showed over 80 perfect of people who set goals failed. How to succeed? 1) Set a goal: Write it down, be specific and realistic, and give it a date. 2) Formulate a plan: How are you going to get there? Who’s going to be on your team? For example a trainer, nutritionist, On-line fitness program. 3) Measure your success: Will you have someone take your measurements, do a weigh-in, test your fitness level? You’ve got to find a way to measure your success so you know your plan is working. 4) Tell someone about it!! You need this for accountability, to help you stick to the plan. 5) Become aware of habits: The same old ways, are going to give you the same old results! Real change happens when you create new ways, and then of course you get new results. Also are you talking yourself out of success or choosing thoughts that will help you reach that goal? 6) Get emotionally involved: This is key for staying motivated. Ask yourself what’s really in it for me? How is this going to change my life?