Down 3 Sizes

There are so many success stories within The Buff Mom Community. A special congratulations to Amy Fraser!  The busy mom and realtor has been working really hard, and has gone from a size 14 to a size 8.  She credits Buff Mom classes and videos, clean food choices, and a healthy mindset for her success. Here's more on her transformation.

Leslie - What was the turning point for you when it came to your fitness and lifestyle?

Amy - Not being able to shop at the stores I had always enjoyed shopping at. Also, reaching for the largest size they had on the rack, but things still didn’t fit properly.

Leslie - What old habits were holding you back?

Amy - Late night snacking for sure, and eating on the fly all the time, and thinking that exercise was a luxury for those who had the time.

Leslie - Why did you join The Buff Mom?

Amy - I had heard lots of good things, and seen the results in friends and clients of mine that had started before me and continue to go today. I wanted to be a part of that.

Leslie - What are you doing now that you never thought possible when you started?

Amy - Shopping for what I want, from the stores I want to go to. Also, I can now do push-ups from my toes, and numerous burpees back-to-back with good form, which I never ever thought I would be doing! Also, eating and enjoying things like plain Greek yogurt.

Leslie - What advice do you have for others who are just getting started?

Amy –Never let yourself get hungry, that leads to poor choices and over eating. Increase the protein, and keep learning. Keep learning about yourself, how your body reacts to food, and how it reacts to stress. Figure out what you can change, or add to your life that is positive.  For me, taking protein shakes to the arena, helped stop my overeating and curb my sugar cravings. I would eat less, and make better choices. Focus on the positive habits that you can add to your life, like joining the Buff Mom, and increasing exercise

Leslie - Awesome job Amy, we are proud of you!