Awesome Job!

Congratulations to Steph Andrews. She dropped a whopping 28 inches in just six weeks, becoming the overall Spring Inch Loss Challenge 2016 Winner. Steph received a fantastic gift pack valued at $450 dollars, a free session of The Buff Mom, and a fit and lean physique. How'd she do it? Aside from following The Buff Mom program, she also changed her habits and mindset. Here's more on her transformation.

L- What was your turning point?

S- My turning point was every time I would get dressed in the morning, I found it hard to find something that I felt comfortable and good in.  After having my daughter, I was between a size 14 and 16.  It made me feel depressed and unhealthy. I felt sluggish and not very motivated at all.

L- What old habits were holding you back?

S - After having Scarlett (my daughter) our lives changed as they usually do after children. I used to do a lot of yoga and tried to be active. It was very difficult for me to get back into my old routine. She always wanted me, and I felt terrible leaving a screaming baby with my husband, so I stopped going to yoga. I also wanted to stay with her and spend time snuggling her. In turn I found myself becoming much less active. I had a bad habit of snacking at night while watching tv. I feel it was just lack of motivation that was holding me back. Also when I am depressed I eat, so it was a vicious cycle.

L - Why did you join The Buff Mom?

S - I joined the buff mom boot camp classes because my best friend was going at the time and asked if I wanted to come. This motivated me. I always find I get more motivated when I go with a friend. Plus this way we could see each other every week in our busy schedules, just her and I.

L - What lessons have you learned about yourself ?

S -   I`ve learned that it is possible to get back to where you once were, or where you want to go. If you keep focused and don't let the little things get you down, you can do it!

L - Advice for others who are just getting started?

S - One small step can make a huge difference. If I didn't go to that first class with my friend, I'd probably still be where I was ... struggling. Having a workout buddy is always extremely helpful. It makes you more motivated and your friend more motivated too attend classes. If you get off track, try not to get to upset, tomorrow is another day. Making one small change each week will progress and turn into a natural routine.

L - Great advice Steph! Congratulations on your accomplishment.