6 Tips for Success


BUFFnation Success Story Erin Caldwell dropped inches, increased her energy, and feels fantastic at 40.


How’d she do it?


Here are her top six tips for success.


1. Write down your goals and focus on one choice at a time. “Quite quickly, one day of making healthy choices becomes 12 weeks of healthy choices. The results you were wanting at the beginning of the program start showing up along the way as little bonuses for all of the positive choices you’re making, getting you closer to and then ultimately achieving your goals!”


2. Use a journal to record your progress – especially when you are just starting out. “This is what kept me on track during the first few weeks until much of what I do now became habits, including drinking more water, upping my protein, meal prepping and paying more attention to what I am eating.” 



3. Tune-up your nutrition and pay attention to added sugar. “I noticed many cravings had disappeared, I also lost interest in some things that I used to enjoy, like drinking wine and eating chips.”


4. In addition to your at-home workouts, get outside at least one time per week for some outdoor activity. “I’m choosing an outdoor activity over the weekends like hiking or going for a bike ride. I try and go for a few outdoor walks during the week as well.” 


5. Motivate yourself by considering the outcome. “Knowing that regardless of how I feel before I workout, I’m going to feel like a rockstar when I’ve finished!” Erin says this little trick keeps her going, especially on the days she doesn’t feel like exercising.


6. Ditch perfectionism and keep moving forward. “If something changes it doesn’t mean I’ve failed. If I have to do low impact or modify (my exercises), or change my workout time or do meal prep on Monday versus Sunday, I’m still winning at life!” She explains. 




 Great advice Erin! Thanks so much for sharing with us!



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