Down Inches, Up Energy, and Feeling Fantastic at 40


Like so many other women, when Erin turned the big 4-0 – things seemed different with her body.


“After turning 40 this year, I felt like my body just took on a mind of its own, I wasn’t looking or feeling so good.”


Erin says she was unhappy with her health and felt lost and desperate to find balance. 


She joined BUFFnation shortly after the pandemic started after learning about the program through a work presentation on wellness. 


Since then she’s experienced incredible results, including dropping a total of 9 inches. She says HIIT (high-intensity interval training) and resistance training with weights (essential’s at BUFFnation), have given her better results in a shorter amount of time.


“Although I have lost weight, what I notice the most is that my body looks different versus just being smaller in size. The physical differences I’m seeing are more significant in the ratio to weight loss than I expected. My whole body has better muscle tone, there is more definition in my arms and legs and my skin is tighter.” 


In addition to the amazing physical changes, Erin says she’s more energetic, has a stronger mindset, and feels better about herself and her body. 


She’s also become a cheerleader for other BUFFnation members, frequently posting positive messages and words of encouragement in our VIP coaching group. Her enthusiasm is infectious.


Erin says she’s also more balanced in this unprecedented time of uncertainty. 


“Taking more time for myself has made it seem as though I am ahead of the game. I have more time for other things. I’m better prepared to manage different aspects of my life,” she explains.


And as Erin puts it, what she’s learned in BUFFnation can be applied to other life goals too.


“You can do anything for 20 seconds! 

“Keep going!”

“Small steps still get results!”


 Well-said Erin!

 Congratulations on your success. We are so proud of you!



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