Celebrating Heart Health

The Buff Mom Kitchener Boot Camp

Marg Geerts is celebrating a very special anniversary: two years with a healthy heart thanks to diet, exercise and an amazing attitude.

Just three months after her 40th birthday, she came down with what she thought was the flu. She rested, slowed down, and went on with her routine. Four days later, she suffered a heart attack.

 “I've never had any health concerns, high blood pressure or high cholesterol,” explains Marg.

Her heart attack happened at home. Her husband called 911 right away. Emergency personal performed CPR and resuscitated her. She was in a medically induced coma for three days, and in hospital for nine. It turns out Marg had Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection, or SCAD. A condition where the inner layer of the artery tears away from the artery wall and causes a blockage. She had this in two of her arteries.

“With SCAD being rare and sometimes misdiagnosed, it was a miracle that I survived,” says Marg.

 After a few months of recovery Marg did a three-month cardiac rehabilitation program called Hearts in Motion, through St. Mary's Hospital. Once she graduated, she looked into other health and wellness programs, with her doctor's clearance, to support her new journey. She wanted a friendly, non-intimidating, and friendly environment. She joined The Buff Mom Boot Camp last fall, and has experienced incredible results.

 “It has changed my life!” says Marg. “I always wear my heart monitor during each class, and follow a personal target heart range.  With a few diet changes and the coaching from Leslie, I have been able to drop 29 inches and feel accomplished and know I can do it!”

Marg we are so inspired by your journey. Thank you for sharing your story.