Mom of Three Drops 30"

The Buff Mom Kitchener

She has more energy, a new job, and more confidence! Forty-two year old Fran Fancett has experienced fantastic results with The Buff Mom Boot Camp.

Not only is she down 30 inches, she has experienced a great mindset shift and now loves exercise! Here's more on how the mother of three made the transformation from a size 12 to a size 8.

TBM-Looking back now, what was holding you back?  

F- Before turning 40 I always had great metabolism, and could eat pretty much whatever I wanted.  After 40 it was like my metabolism stopped, but I was still eating lots of unhealthy food. In less than a year I had gained 20 lbs.  

TBM-How did you feel after your first class?

F-  Sore!  And incredibly pumped to come back again for more.  I liked the 'vibe' in class. Very encouraging and fun.  

L-What are you doing now that you never thought possible when you started?

F- I have so much more energy now to keep up with my girls, I actually look forward to exercising, and making time for myself.  I had the confidence to take a new job and also treated myself to a new wardrobe :)

TBM-What lessons have you learned about yourself through this process?  

F- I need to make time for myself and that one hour of class is incredibly therapeutic for me, both mentally and physically. 

TBM- What advice do you have for others who are where you were when you started?  

F-You don't need to feel intimidated or that it's too hard.  Also joining with a friend makes you accountable to one another and also someone to laugh with if you have no coordination like me!

Thanks Fran. We're so proud of you!

Fran mentioned that when she turned 40, her metabolism slowed down. Can you relate? The reason this happens is that we naturally lose muscle mass each year if we're not working to maintain it. The Buff Mom Boot Camp is designed to reverse this aging process with resistance training, a key component of our award winning program design.