Fit, Fabulous and Cancer-Free

She is super active, energetic and loves life. Sheri-Lynn DaSilva enjoys running, yoga, attending boot camp classes, and hiking with her dog. Her outlook on life is relaxed and positive.

Seeing her beautiful smile and experiencing her genuine enthusiasm each week in class, it’s hard to believe that just two years ago this weekend, Sheri-Lynn was diagnosed with colon cancer.

“I’ll never forget hearing the word tumor,” recalls the mother of two. “It definitely took a few minutes for that to sink in. I knew I wasn’t feeling well (and hadn’t been for a while) but never did I ever think it was cancer, I thought I had an ulcer! With no family history or risk factors it was definitely a big surprise” 

The next few years would be a difficult time for Sheri-Lynn, but also an opportunity for growth. She underwent radiation therapy, and two surgeries. She also took some time to really look at how she was “living” each day.

“Looking back to where I was two years ago, and where I am today is pretty crazy. I honestly wasn’t healthy back then - I wasn’t very active, didn’t pay much attention at all to my diet, or what I put into my body, and overall was just feeling kinda blah.”

Sheri-Lynn switched her focus from the cancer, to improving her health and lifestyle. She switched up her diet to include more whole foods, and started to exercise on a regular basis. Then she turned inward and took time to rekindle her Faith.

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Sheri-Lynn's Family is Her Biggest Support (Justin 27, Lauren 22, and husband Charles)


“It’s definitely a process that doesn’t happen overnight. Old habits die hard, and I’ve made some mistakes and adjustments along the way. But overall I’m really proud of how far I’ve come!”

Sheri-Lynn has come far! The best news of all? She is now cancer-free and feels fabulous.

the buff mom boot camp

To mark this occasion, Sheri-Lynn has set up a personal fundraising page on the Canadian Cancer Society's website with a goal of raising $1000 this month for colon cancer research. For more details and to donate Click Here

Awesome job Sheri-Lynn, we are so proud of you!

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Sheri-Lynn Finishing the Badass Dash