Improved Strength in Both Mind and Body at 41


Becky Kieswetter looks and feels fantastic.

“My arms are toning up and I'm losing some of the upper belly bloat. My legs feel stronger and I've definitely increased my core strength - I can actually feel my obliques.”

The 41-year old Waterloo resident has been working hard since our program went virtual this past spring. She says creating an exercise routine has been key in helping her deal with the extra stresses a pandemic can bring.

 “We all need an outlet to unwind and this is mine. Sticking to my classes has helped to make things feel somewhat normal in a time where so much is different.”

Becky attends classes twice per week and enjoys the accountability, working out from her garage, and having her youngest join her for some cardio.

“I look forward to my workouts, whereas I never got excited about going to the gym (it was something I 'should' do or 'had' to do). I don't feel that way about my BUFFnation workouts. I WANT to do them!”

Throughout the pandemic, Becky says she’s learned some valuable lessons when it comes to wellness and feeling great, including the importance of fuelling her body with healthy, nutritious foods. 


Becky's Delicious Meal Prep Above


“This is a stressful time and filling up on empty calories isn't good for your mind or your waistline!” 
Becky often posts within the BUFFnation VIP group, beautiful photos of foods she’s prepared, including her well-organized meal prep.

Becky says she’s also learned to take things as they come, and enjoy the moment.

“We don't know what tomorrow, next week or next month will bring, so there is little point worrying about it. Worrying won't make it better.”

Another valuable lesson that she’s learned is small consistent action over time, leads to big change – but you’ve got to stick with it.

“Change doesn't happen overnight. I've cut out a lot of empty calories from my diet recently. That, combined with regular physical activity, has led to seeing physical changes in my body. But it's taken time to get to get here. There is no quick fix!”

If you’re just getting started on your own fitness journey, she offers this advice:

“Stick with it and give yourself time to adjust to physical activity if you haven't been active in a while. No one expects you to be a rock star in your first class (or in your 12th). Just keep moving. It does get easier and remember to celebrate your wins and successes. Engage with the BUFFnation Facebook community. It's inspiring and motivating!”

Great advice Becky! We are so proud of you and thank you for continually inspiring us to work hard, stay focused and push out of our comfort zones!

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