Staying Active and Strong

the buff mom

😫 Getting out of a cozy bed at 6 AM for a high-energy workout is tough for so many of us, but imagine how tough it would be when you’re almost 30 weeks pregnant?
💪 “I'm really proud of myself for getting up early every Tuesday and Thursday morning,” says Tamara Maciel. “Sometimes it's hard to leave the comfort of bed but I always know I'll feel amazing after pushing myself through!”
Unlike her first two pregnancies, Tamara has been working out regularly from the very start. She’s learned to safely modify exercises to accommodate her growing belly and is feeling great.
When The Buff Mom program went virtual this past spring, she upgraded her membership to include unlimited classes, since she no longer had to leave her house to attend. Tamara and her husband both work from home, plus they have two children, a three and six-year-old.
“I honestly look forward to those quiet times in my basement and enjoy feeling connected to Leslie, Courtney, and The Buff Mom community,” explains Tamara.

the buff mom
Staying positive and focusing on what she CAN do, (rather than can’t) – has been instrumental to her success. She offers this advice to those just getting started.
“Try setting some small goals for yourself as they relate to the workouts. Try doing one pushup from your toes, or doing the first set of jumping jacks before taking out the jump. We talk about "small steps" a lot for our lifestyle choices, but we can make small steps in our workouts too!”
❤️ Great advice Tamara!
🙌 Thank you for working hard, staying committed to your health, and inspiring so many along the way. We are so excited to meet the newest member of your family in September! 🤗