Strong Physically and Mentally


For many of us, 2020 has been a difficult and challenging time. And Sarah Cain is no different. But in addition to dealing with the day-to-day stresses of a pandemic, she's had to overcome other challenges.

“My dad was diagnosed with kidney cancer, had a heart attack, and had surgery to remove the cancer. This was in addition to my mom undergoing breast cancer treatment. It’s been really difficult not to be with family during this time. Having the support of my husband and having the routine of doing the BUFFnation classes has helped immensely with the stress.” Sarah says.  

For many, all the extra stress may have resulted in missed workouts and getting off-track, but not Sarah. She kept going - and is still working hard.

Sarah joined our program just over 2 years and has been 100% committed to her workouts. 

“When I started 2 years ago, I did mountain climbers standing up, push-ups from the wall and I could barely do anything with the band. I’ve gotten so much stronger since then! I can even do a few push-ups from my toes now!” Sarah proudly says. 

Sarah used to walk to our classes in Waterloo no matter the weather. Her commute is now a lot shorter, as she just heads down to her basement!

“I love how I just need to get my workout clothes on, go downstairs and sign into the zoom class!” she says. “If I need an extra workout, there are a lot of options in the rebroadcast library.”

In addition to the convenience of working out from home, Sarah enjoys connecting with the other women in our live classes over Zoom. “We share our goals for the week and get to know one another that way which is another way to build accountability.” She also regularly shares posts in our supportive private Facebook group, which help motivate others in the group!  

Sarah’s family is such a big support to her.    

“Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays are my regular workout times. My husband is really supportive and reminds the kids to take down their blanket forts and pick up their toys so Mommy has room for exercise class.”

Sarah’s kids are often seen working hard right beside her during the Saturday morning classes. “On Saturday, my 6-year-old daughter loves to join me, even if she doesn’t do all the exercises. My 8-year-old son also joins sometimes, but typically opts to go for an hour bike/run with his dad instead.” Her kids recently filmed their own Buff Kid exercise video and yes, they even included burpees and mountain climbers!  


What an incredible example you are setting for your kids, Sarah!  


So, how, you may ask, does she stay motivated and manage her stress levels with so much going on?  

Sarah knows how much better she can manage her stress with exercise. That motivates her to continue attending classes every week. Sarah says “I definitely need high-intensity workouts, but I also need walks in nature to help de-stress. I’ve learned that we are all doing the best we can and need to be gentle with ourselves and each other during this stressful time.”

Sarah’s top three tips for success are:

  1. Listen to your body. Adjust your workout intensity as needed and pay attention to your hunger cues and cravings.  
  2. Take breaks during the week, but keep moving. Stretch and/or walk on days you’re not doing a class.
  3. Build a support system. Have someone who will motivate you when you’re not feeling like working out or helps you recognize when you need a break.  

If you are thinking of getting started on your own journey, Sarah’s advice is simple. “Come to the workouts! It’s ok if you start slow.”

Thank you for sharing your story, Sarah! Your tenacity and strength continue to inspire and amaze and we are so glad to have you in the BUFFnation community!