Stronger, More Positive and Energetic at 42!

“I am working out 4- 5 days a week, this has been possible due to the virtual training. Before this, I was only getting in maybe 3 times a week so this has helped me in achieving my goals.”

Antonella B.




A shift in mindset. Increased energy. And more than 25 pushups from her toes!

“I had always told myself it’s too hard,” explains Antonella Bartolo. “But I have grown so much in strength. I feel so much stronger. “ 

Since March, Antonella has been faithfully attending virtual classes 4 to 5 times a week. Not only has she noticed an improvement in physical strength – but mental strength too.

“It’s not I can’t – but instead I will do this!” she explains.


Antonella admits there are days she may not feel like it (for example it’s a beautiful night and she wants to enjoy the weather) – but then she tells herself these are just excuses and needs to get it done. 

She also has an incredible system of support, including her kids (who ask her each night during dinner if she’s going to class), and her dear friend Shiela – who she met in the program. They will often text each other before and during class.

“Sometimes we even kept ourselves motivated during workouts when we’ve felt like quitting. We push each other through when we feel we can’t do it!”

Since the pandemic started in March, Antonella has realized that she’s much stronger than she thought – in both workouts AND life.

“I’ve learned that I can push through anything if I have the mindset,” she explains.

“I’m a single mom and it’s been more challenging than ever, but having my support system which I’m grateful for, including BUFFnation, has helped me so much. Having such an amazing support group like all these wonderful women has helped a lot. Reading all the posts and knowing that I’m not alone on this. We are all facing the same struggles and challenges, and being there for each other makes us all stronger WOMEN!” 

If you’re just starting out in your health and wellness journey, Antonella offers this advice: Keep going! It may be difficult at first, but as you stick with it and make it your lifestyle, it will get easier, and you will get stronger.

“Do this for YOU! We all have a million excuses as to why not too, but there are a lot more reasons to do it,” says Antonella. “There are so many benefits of taking care of you and your body. Put yourself first!”

Well said Antonella.

Congratulations on your success and thank you so much for sharing your inspiring story!

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