This is 51!

Sheila Bairos just celebrated her 51st birthday feeling healthy, fit and fabulous.

Since this past March when the pandemic hit, Sheila has been working out more from her home (thanks to the convenience of virtual classes), focusing on her nutrition, and building her mindset for success.

The result? An incredibly fit and motivated woman!

One of the biggest improvements has been the relationship she has with herself.

“I’ve achieved commitment, and following through with what I say I’m going to do. Just even bringing my workouts on my vacation and not missing a day, I didn’t do that before. I had the excuse, I’m on holidays and so is my fitness. Not anymore!”



This photo was taken on Shiels's 51st Birthday


Not only is Sheila committed to her workouts, but she’s also an active part of The Buff Mom virtual community. She’s always encouraging, inspiring and motivating others to do their very best – including her close friends in the program.

“We keep each other accountable. Before every class we check in with one each other and make sure we are showing up to push play,” explains Sheila. “With each other’s encouragement, we always finish!”

She shares this advice for those just getting started.

“Take the negative out of your head and tell yourself you CAN do it! You’re stronger than you think. Your body can take more than your mind tells you!”

Well-said Sheila. Congrats on all your hard work!


"This picture shows how happy I am to be apart of the Buffmom team and I’m starting to see progress in this picture," she says.

Sheila, we're so proud of you and cheering you on! Thanks for sharing your motivational story with us.


Knee Issues?

Sheila tore her ACL and 2017 and needed surgery. She never let that get in the way of exercising and living a healthy lifestyle. She says she keeps working hard, but listens to her body. 

"If it starts to feel sore I modify. My knee now, because of strengthening it, hardly needs exercise modifications. I’ve stopped using my knee brace for the last couple of months as well."'

Wow - that's incredible Sheila! :)

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