They Fit!

the buff mom boot camp
🙌 We are continually inspired by the amazing members within The Buff Mom community.
🖥We have been virtual now for more than 10 weeks and it has been an incredible experience.
We have been able to sweat together, support each other and laugh and cry together🤗
Despite what is happening on the outside, remembering that we do have control over what’s happening on the inside has been extremely helpful!
⭐️ Thank you to this amazing community!
☀️ I also wanted to give a shout out to this lady below and all her hard work!
Here's what she posted a few days ago: 
⭐️ “Very proud moment this morning,” she writes. “I was able to put on these shorts, and not only did they fit, they are comfortable to sit in. I had pushed these shorts to the back of my closet last summer because I couldn't do them up. I am just beaming with self-confidence. Thank you Buff Mom trainers for all that you do!!! (By the way, my shirt says "Life isn't easy. Life isn't perfect. Life is good." - words I try to live by).
❤️ Congrats Jennifer and thank you so much for sharing this incredible story!
▶️ What’s really cool is Jennifer used to attend our in-person classes near London, ON a few years back. Now she’s able to join us virtually without leaving her home!
💪 Our next Jump Start LIVEstream starts soon! For more info, go to the following link. Registration closes June. 5.