New Frame of Mind

the buff mom

She is down 9.5 inches and 10 pounds within the last few months!  

“Maybe this lockdown isn’t such a bad thing,” exclaims Janet.

Even though she’s experienced incredible results physically - the big shift is with her mindset. 

Janet says that she has noticed a pattern of self-sabotage and negative thinking (we absolutely get it Janet, we all deal with this!), and is now focused on reframing those negative thinking habits into ones that serve her, and move her towards her goals. And it’s going really well!

“I WANT to work out!” she says. “I get excited to workout and if I miss a workout - I’m disappointed!” 

For those who want to get started with exercise, but have no idea where to begin, she gives this advice.

 “Don't beat yourself up for what you can't do. Instead, reward yourself and be proud of what CAN do (thanks Leslie for "teaching" me this, it’s a hard one to learn, but I am working on it!)

Janet, we are so proud of you. You are doing amazing! Thank you so much for sharing your inspirational story.

What’s really cool is Janet used to attend our in-person classes in Kitchener, ON. Now she’s able to join us virtually without leaving her home!
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