Summer Bodies

Our six-week group personal training program is high energy, lots of fun and very effective. It's also suitable for all ages and fitness levels, and you don't have to be a mom to join! Voted Waterloo Regions Favourite Women's Only Fitness Club for the second year in a row!


What’s included in my registration fee?

  • Beginning, Middle and Endassessments for New Members.
  • Get Started Now Podcast: to help clarify your goals and get your mind in gear so you can start creating those healthy habits right away.
  • Reset and Energize Express Meal Plan: to boost your metabolism, reduce sugar cravings and help you shed inches while still feeling satisfied and energized.
  • Two Additional Podcasts: (to be released on weeks 2 and 3 of the program) that go over meal planning strategies, workout tips and nutrition tips.
  • Inspirational Messages to Your Inbox for Buff Mom Members Only: We are here to answer your questions, keep you motivated and help you achieve success. Reaching your goal is about more than just exercise, it's about mindset. We'll help you get there.

Find a Class Near You

In addition to your class instruction, you also have the option of subscribing to The Buff Mom Members Area. This online platform provides unlimited streaming of boot camp workouts, HIIT challenges, and nutritional resources to keep you motivated and on-track. It's like having a personal trainer available to you 24-7. Online Members are eligible for special discounts on products and classes.

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