Buff Mom Billy-Jean: How She Dropped 7 Sizes

the buff mom boot camp

Each morning Billie-Jean Marion loads up her two sons Carter (4) and Major (2) into her double jogging stroller, and sets out on a three kilometre walk around her Kitchener neighbourhood.

“I love it,” says the 28 year old mom. “It feels great.”

Not only can Billie-Jean push that double stroller with ease (with the kids inside it’s about 65 pounds or so), she does so with energy, strength, and positivity – both during and after the walk.

“I can keep up with the kids and play soccer with them. I’ve even almost started to jog!” she exclaims with a laugh.

Over the past few years, Billie-Jean has gone through a major life transformation, dropping seven dress sizes (size 20 to a size 8, and over 100 pounds). A journey that has been an incredible experience and opportunity for personal growth.

That journey started a few years ago after the birth of her second child, Major. Having gained about 70 pounds with her first son Carter, and then becoming pregnant with Major shortly after, Billie-Jean says the pounds quickly added up.

With the goal of becoming more fit for her kids, Billie-Jean started walking each day. Often twice per day.

the buff mom boot camp

Billie-Jean and her two boys, Carter and Major


As her activity increased, she noticed the number on the scale decreased. That success, along with her desire to become a role model for her children, motivated her to join The Buff Mom Boot Camp. (Billie-Jean admits after registering she was “absolutely terrified” about showing up to class. But once she arrived she found the atmosphere very welcoming.)

Since joining the group personal training program, Billie-Jean has dropped 27 inches and is now a size 8. She says she’s had to buy all new clothes – but is enjoying being healthy, fit and active.

In addition to her workouts, Billie-Jean has also modified her diet and mindset.

She focuses on lean proteins, fresh fruits and veggies, and eliminating added sugar, often taking the time to prepare a salad while at the same time feeding her busy toddlers.

What’s next for this Buff Mom?

She has a long list …

…. Beach volleyball, hockey, and of course running!

But most importantly, says Billie-Jean, her main goal is to continue to be an inspiration to her family so everyone can live a healthy, fit and active life together.

the buff mom boot camp

Billie-Jean and Her Family

We are so proud of you Billie-Jean! Thank you for sharing your story:)

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