Spring Inch Loss Challenge 2018 Results

the buff mom boot camp


What an incredible Spring Inch Loss Challenge!

So many amazing success stories from both new and returning members - and it was really, really close this year.

Congratulations to Krista Scovill from The Buff Mom Cambridge who dropped a whopping 16 inches in just 6 weeks! (Krista we are so proud of you.)

Krista wins a prize pack worth over $450 dollars - including a $200 Lulu Lemon Gift Card.

How did she do it in just 6 weeks? Story coming soon!

As we mentioned, the Challenge was really close this year. Delia Vuletici from The Buff Mom St. George/Cambridge placed second. She dropped 15.5 inches.

In third place is Theresa Wolske from The Buff Mom Guelph at 14 inches.

Congratulations to our winners and everyone else who took part in Spring Inch Loss Challenge 2018.

Thank you all so much for working so hard - we're honoured to be a part of the journey:)

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