Down 21 Inches

If you attend classes in Cambridge, you’ll recognize Luanne Rousseau. This mother of two in her 50’s, is one inspiring lady. After joining the The Buff Mom Boot Camp earlier this year, Luanne has transformed her body, increased her energy and is super-strong and fit. “I can do burpees now,” she exclaims. Awesome job Luanne! Here’s more on how she dropped 21 inches.

TBM- What old habits were holding you back?
LR -I didn't work out much and even when I did exercise, I never saw results. I ate when I was unhappy about myself and that was most of the time. It was an endless cycle.

TBM- Describe how you felt after your first class?
LR - I signed up for two classes a week immediately. After the first class, I was tired and sore but very excited about how great I felt after the workout. I could not do everything that some of the other moms were doing (burpees, running) but I did keep moving.

TBM - Your results are amazing, how many inches have you lost in total? What size are you now?
LR - Since January 2016, I have lost 21 inches! I am down one dress size but I have a feeling that I am down two since a size 12 is really loose on me. I don't have any size 10 clothes in my closet but that will change soon.

TBM - What are you doing now that you never thought possible when you started?
LR - I can now do burpees!!!! Hooray!!! And, I am happy that I can run with the rest of the group. I am wearing smaller, form fitting clothes now without feeling self-conscious.

TBM - What advice do you have for others who are where you were when you started?
LR - First listen to the podcasts (available on The Buff Mom TV Mobile Fitness) and follow up with the meal plans. Add more vegetables and drink more water. You need to get some protein in after a workout. I like to check out The Buff Mom Facebook Page to see what is going on too. It inspires me. Above all else, keep going to the workouts, and if you cannot workout with us, do the online workouts! (The Buff Mom TV). It took time for me to put on this weight and it is going to take time to get it off!

Luanne is now a member of The Buff Mom Lifestyle Program and will continue working towards her goals. Great job Luanne!