Down 25 Inches

the buff mom boot camp

Jen Trotman is fit, confident and full of energy.

 "I can run faster. Go for longer walks. I am more flexible and have way more energy," she says.

The 36 year old has been working hard both at class and at home, and is down 25 inches.

How did she do it? Keep reading to find out.

TBM - What was the turning point for you when it came to your weight?  

JM - I had gotten to a point where I knew I needed to put the chips down and lose some weight. I had trouble climbing stairs without running out of breath. I knew I needed to get in shape so I wouldn’t struggle with daily activities like walking my dog. After a few weeks of The Buff Mom, I knew my body was becoming more fit and it felt great. I could now take my dog on long hikes without so much as breaking a sweat!

TBM - What old habits were holding you back?  

JM - Poor food choices and lack of motivation. Since I had never been involved in a fitness program before, I was scared that I wouldn’t fit in because I wasn’t as fit as other people, and people are often quick to judge. The Buff Mom is much different than what I expected. All of the women are at different fitness level, and no one is there to judge, only to be motivated. Leslie (and The Buff Mom team) are great motivational instructors and help push you beyond where you think your limit is.

TBM - What other changes did you make?

JM - Since I was working out so hard during the week, I wasn’t going to spoil my progress by eating junk. I started eating more nutritiously, did more meal-planning, and kept healthy snacks at-the-ready in case I got hungry, or experienced cravings. Eating healthy has become a way of living, and I stopped craving those bad foods I used to enjoy daily.

TBM - What lessons have you learned about yourself through this process?  

JM - I can push myself harder than I thought possible, and by doing that I can see the benefits in my body. I never knew I could run on a treadmill for a half hour non-stop. I never thought that I could stick to a healthy diet long term and really enjoy it. I also really appreciate the support of friends who join me in doing the Buff Mom workouts, as they give me much needed motivation, and certainly make the workouts more fun!

TBM - What advice do you have for others who are where you were when you started?  

JM - I believe that a healthy diet paired with regular exercise is crucial in losing inches and getting healthy. If you’re just starting out, be sure to commit to the program, and in time you will definitely see the results. Its hard work to stay motivated, but in the end your hard work will pay off!

Thanks Jen, awesome job and congratulations on your success.

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