Down 30.5 Inches

Strong, flexible, and full of energy. Jackie Smith is in incredible shape. In fact this past year she even joined an adult gymnastics class, at the request of her 8 year old gymnast daughter Madeline. 

The Buff Mom Cambridge
Jackie and Daughter Madeline Working Out Together
Jackie's been sticking to a workout schedule of four times per week, and most of these workouts are done in her basement during the wee hours of the morning (4:30 am) using The Buff Mom TV Mobile Fitness. In addition to her busy workout schedule and mom duties, Jackie is also renovating her home and working full time as a nurse!
The Buff Mom TV
The Buff Mom TV Means Jackie Can Workout Anywhere

Here's more on our interview with Jackie. We think she's one inspiring lady, who doesn't let a busy schedule get in her way. We think you'll agree!

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LESLIE - What was the turning point for you when it came to your weight? 

JACKIE - The turning point actually occurred when I changed where I was working as a nurse. When I first started nursing, I was working at a hospital and that means shift work - 12 hour shifts that include days or nights and weekends. I didn't have much of a routine and would make excuses about why I couldn't commit to improving my physical health. Not long before joining Buff Mom, I started working as a diabetes nurse educator. The improved consistency in my working hours combined with the knowledge I gained in this new role in relation to diabetes prevention and management, were what propelled me into taking better care of both my and my family's health and future. 
the buff mom cambridge boot camp
Jackie Before and After
LESLIE - What old habits were holding you back? 
JACKIE - The biggest habits holding me back were my excuses not to work out - "I'm too tired", "I need to make supper", "I'll do it tomorrow", "the laundry (or any other household task) needs to be done first". I soon realized that I needed to make my health as much of a priority as I often recommended to others. The so-called "tasks" could wait. I soon recognized that if I took care of my needs (i.e. my health) first, I was much more successful in all other aspects of my life. 
LESLIE - Why did you join the buff mom boot camp?
JACKIE - I joined the Buff Mom boot camp about five years ago. I was looking to incorporate physical activity into my regular routine but knew I would not go to a gym. A friend of mine mentioned Buff Mom so I emailed and asked if I could try a class. I loved my first class and signed up right away. I went to class regularly for about three years. Two years ago my husband and I took on a large-scale renovation project. Between our renovation and working full time, I began to find it difficult to attend weekly classes, so instead I turned to The Buff Mom TV to maintain my commitment to a healthier lifestyle. While I love the supportive class atmosphere, unfortunately the timing did not always work me. The Buff Mom TV provides the needed flexibility for my hectic schedule. I can work out anytime of the day even if it is 4:30 in the morning (which it often is), 5:30 at night while my husband is making supper, or even at 8:00 at night after everyone has settled in for the evening.  
LESLIE - What lessons have you learned about yourself through this process? 
JACKIE - I have learned that even when my life became a bit more chaotic, I was able to remain committed to my weekly workouts because I enjoyed them and the afterglow. I think the key to achieving and maintaining regular participation in physical activity is finding something that you like to do. I look forward to my workouts and how I feel afterward. It is this "feeling" that feeds my drive and commitment to this healthier lifestyle.  
LESLIE - What advice do you have for others who are where you were when you started?
JACKIE - While it may seem easier said than done, try not to get too caught up in the numbers. While the number of inches I have lost is substantial, there were times when I did not lose any inches and even one instance where I had gained. This is a lifelong journey, not a short sprint and change takes time. If you had told me that I would lose over 30 inches during my journey, I don't think I would have believed you. But here I am today celebrating my success and commitment to a new (now 5 year old) lifestyle.