Fit During Quarantine

the buff mom

She feels fabulous. Has more energy. She’s even using her puffer less!

Luanne Rousseau has been working out with the Buff Mom virtual program since the start of quarantine – and has been doing an awesome job.

She has increased her strength, built up her cardio, and firmed up her abs.

“I am able to do so much more now, and I feel great,” she exclaims.

But it’s about more than just physical strength for Luanne. It’s also about staying healthy and mentally strong to take care of her family – especially during this unprecedented time.

“Despite the situation going all around us, the Buff Mom program has saved me,” she explains. “ I am back working out with the trainers that helped me when I lived in Cambridge. I love it!

Luanne was a longtime member when she lived in Cambridge, but had to stop attending classes when she moved away. Now that the program is virtual – she can join from anywhere!

In addition to working on her own goals, Luanne has also taken an active role within the Buff Mom virtual community. She’s always encouraging, supporting and motivating other members to keep working hard – especially on those days they just don’t feel like it! (And we all have those days!)

“Sometimes, you have to let yourself do what you can do. Hey, sometimes, when I feel that I cannot go any further, rather than stop, I just go low impact. But remember, just keep moving!”

Incredible job Luanne. Thank you for your positivity, motivation, and dedication. We are cheering you on!