Stronger and More Postiive

the buff mom

To say Susan Tremblett has improved her physical strength is an understatement. A more appropriate term would be that she’s crushing it! 

And that was very clear as she was preparing for her six-day backcountry canoe trip, practicing lifting her 42-pound canoe over her head without help, plus carrying an almost 23-pound back-pack, a full kilometre before taking a break. Wow!

the buff mom

“I feel so ready mentally and physically,” says Susan.

Susan joined The Buff Mom Jump Start LIVE virtual program shortly after quarantine began. 

Since then, she’s been attending a number of LIVE virtual classes each week, taking part in the meditation component (she does this each morning), and continues to focus on creating a healthy lifestyle and positive mindset. 

“Every day I say three things I am grateful for, and every day I am grateful that one positive thing came from Covid19, I was able to join Buff Mom again!”

Susan was a member of The Buff Mom community about five years ago when she lived in the Cambridge area but then moved out of town. The new virtual platform allows her to take part in the program wherever she lives.

“The biggest change is how I am feeling. I stand a little taller, I smile more and I feel positive!” writes Susan in a Facebook post about her accomplishments.

Taking the time to honour a commitment to ones-self is very important for self-confidence and self-esteem. When asked what advice she would give those just getting started on their fitness journey, she talks about how easy it is to give in to self-sabotage.

“When week three comes and your head tells you it’s ok to skip class because you can make it up, remember this is a lie! If you let yourself down the first time, it’s easier and easier to continue this behaviour!”

Incredible work Susan! We are so proud of you. And amazing job on that canoe trip!

PS: Susan was having quite the adventure around the time the photo of her carrying the canoe was taken (above).  She ran into a wicked storm! 

“It was beautiful and so scary all at the same time!” she writes. “We finally got a break in the rain for about 30 minutes to paddle back to shore where the park ranger advised that we were in for more storms. We packed it in early!” 

Once again, incredible job Susan (love the shot of your dog below!)

the buff mom