How to Reach Your Goal

the buff mom boot camp cambridge

Each year at The Buff Mom we hold our annual Spring Inch Loss Challenge. Every year, members continue to impress us with their hard work, dedication, and awesome results. How did they do it? Here are some great tips from our first and second place winners. 


Melissa McDonald - 17.5" in Six Weeks

the buff mom boot camp cambridge

“I've been exercising regularly for a while now, but what really helped this time was cleaning up my eating and getting into the right mindset that I was fully committed to achieving results.  I also had a beach vacation coming up, so that helped too!”

Melissa McDonald shed 17.5 inches in just six weeks. She ditched sugar and focused instead on healthy carbs earlier in the day. She upped her water, loaded up on veggies and increased her protein.

“I've learned that I can do it!  And if I stick with it, change will happen. I've also learned that there are no quick fixes, and to see results you need to work hard, and take things one week at a time.”

Advice for those just getting started: Melissa says to take it one step at a time, and focus on small things which are manageable, rather than becoming overwhelmed with details.


Amber Lunn - Overall Winner - 18" in Six Weeks

"I believe health and fitness is a lifestyle. It's a journey,” explains Amber. "We have ups and we have downs, and as long as I'm making progress, it doesn't matter how little or how much, as long as I continue to strive to set out to achieve what I said I would do.”

Amber Lunn dropped a whopping 18 inches in just six weeks. She says what really helped her get there was breaking everything down into small steps. For example, Amber’s first step was to increase her water intake. The following week, she focused on eating a healthy breakfast. Taking time to prep food, and scheduling workouts were also keys to her success. Way to go Amber!


You can do it too! Next Buff Mom Boot Camp starts the week of June 12th!