Post Summer Workout Slump?

It has been a fabulous summer. Great weather, awesome holidays, and dessert almost every night. 
As the kids head back to school, you know it's time to head back to routine. But after a lazy summer, where do you begin? Here are six tips to get you back on track.
1) Decide to start and begin now!

We often say, "I'll wait until tomorrow", "Maybe next week", "Next month I'll do it". Often this isn't the case and we're standing in the same spot months later. Ask yourself, "What can I do at this moment to get back on track?" Then do it. Even if it's just filling up your water bottle, you've taken action, and that feels great.
2) Get involved with a group.

Chances are you've registered the kids for hockey, swimming or football, but what about you? It's important that you stay fit and healthy so you have the energy to keep up with the kids. Group fitness provides you with that extra dose of motivation and accountability to stay on task. It's also an opportunity to be around like-minded individuals who are focused on improving their health.
3) Detox your cupboards.

Toss out those old summertime temptations; processed foods, sugary snacks, and ice cream treats. Fill the fridge and cupboards with healthy items like lean protein, colourful fruits and veggies, and delicious whole grains.
4) Save time with meal planning.

Plan meals ahead of time, and post dinners on the calendar so the whole family knows what's on the menu. When making lunches or dinners, pack a small bag of nutritious food for yourself. That way if you're at work, or running errands in the car, you'll be well equipped to fight off cravings.


5) Schedule Your Workouts. 

As busy women, often the only time something gets done is when it's on our calendar, including your workout. Pencil-in short frequent workout sessions throughout the week. For example, a 20-minute walk on Monday, a half-hour resistance workout on Wednesday, or a 25-minute jog on Friday.
Consider your workouts an important appointment for your health. Think about it, you are less likely to cancel with the doctor, dentist or chiropractor, so why cancel with yourself?

6) Take it Slow.

Being fit is a lifestyle. Take small, consistent steps and avoid getting caught up in perfection. Focus on making one change at a time, and celebrate your success. 


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